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Shaky Line Drawing Tool!

Inspired by Vib-Ribbon on the PS1, this tool lets you draw lines and make them shake!

If you make a cool creation, be sure to record it and share it on Twitter! I'd love to see what people make with my little program. Tag me @studioNOKOI so I can see it!

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Made withUnity
TagsDrawing, Experimental, PSX (PlayStation), Vector
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This is so cool! I wish it was also for mobile tho


ace in bad cuality

Alrighty nvm apparently my tablet hates me and said nuh uh, very cool >:/

Very kool, I am downloading rn I will post an update soon!!!!!

:3 looks cool

(1 edit)

I cannot be the only person who drew Vibri in this, right?

Please make a version for Mac!

Could you possibly make an iOS version

Awesome tool !

super cool

(1 edit) (+1)

Quick question: What did you make this in? Or was this hand written in code?

EDIT: My first guess is unity?




doesnt work on mac dsjnjcdfnlvkjfdn


A 3DS port would be cool

i bet someone tried drawing vibri with this



cool mini program:)


could there possibly be an image saving option  or gif saving option?

great mini program!


This is awesome, I love this little program! 

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Hi! I know this is a small program and you probably don't want to flesh it out too much, but could you add window sizing options to the stand alone version?

It doesn't have to be fancy. Just right now it doesn't fit on my screen and in the web app version ctrl+z reopens tabs in my browser. 

If not thats understandable. This is a really fun program regardless. Thanks for making! <3


hey, thanks for your comment! eventually i will be making an updated version with even more features, but i am swamped with schoolwork as of now! i'll add window resizing to the list.


this is really cute and cool I like this a lot