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Inspired by Vib-Ribbon and PS1 vertex jitter, I bring to you the complete version of SHAKE ART.

Now featuring all the tools of a standard drawing program.


Click to draw lines!

Tools have descriptions that say what they do.

You can use CTRL+Z to undo.

CTRL+Y (or CTRL+SHIFT+Z if you're cool) redoes.

R to restart!

Mobile controls are also there! The GUI buttons are very helpful in that.

It should work on iPad and maybe phones, not too sure about that so let me know what's up in a message! 

If you make something cool, be sure to export the gif and share it!

I worked real hard to add a gif record option straight from the program~


If you're posting your creation on Newgrounds, tag it with shake-art !

If you decide to go to Twitter, use #shakeart, or tag me @studioNOKOI

I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

A huge thank you to @ayekerik for making the tool icons and to @heyopc for the awesome background music!

Big shoutouts as well to @jack and @Stepford for helping me learn GMS2.

Love you all!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, artgame, ps1, shake


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Take his love?

i drew a shaky puppycat

yooo that's cool!

you gotta love this site, shakey shake shake drawing

love this tool! <3 also i think i need some help

THIS TOOK SO LONG LMAO why are some of the colors all flashy tho? :O




goimg wild



his name will be steven

sht laggin my computer but i made this

lil funny trollsona

This tool is so fun to use:D

so fun to draw on here



Can this stuff be on mobile :(

i wanna use it but im on phone so it says i cant open file


i <3 this program you did a wonderful job


it bugged out when i tried to save it, so all i have is a screenshot,,, but anyways!! enzo gabriel themself!!!


mano kskssdakjjkdjkfkfjhakjs, your Enzo Gabriel is so perfect



it crashes when i use background tool and my art is lost! D:


Pretty fun to use!! Been using it to doodle and mess around love it! 

Love this program :) 


i've been making lil reactive gifs for vtubers with this program, i think they are so cute! here's mine :3 

Thank you for amazing program! It may too hard and freezing sometimes but If It's ok and this is my best boy and his best friend! ♡♡♡

this is awesome dude ✨✨✨


this program is so cool, please update this project 


idk its just brobgonal and jambi :D (this took not so long and im proud of it and it was really hard to do tho) so goofy


I really love it <3333




little cute boy


dirk struble!!! kinda...fruityy....

Been playing with this for a while now but this is one of my most recent works



whale :)

(1 edit) (+7)

i've got amphibia brain, here you go <3

(had some issues with undo/redoing, but otherwise this works great!)

u should add my disc dani’#8075

That's great! Unfortunately it bugged when I tried to use a the bigger pencil possible but here's my freezed screenshot! Pretty good time trying this tool, thanks for this!

(1 edit) (+1)

Love the tool so much, it's so fun!

You may want to tag the Windows version as Windows to make it compatible with the itch App.

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