IMPORTANT: GIF saving works, it just takes a while. If it freezes, stay on the page and don't worry! It just takes a while to save.

Inspired by Vib-Ribbon and PS1 vertex jitter, I bring to you the complete version of SHAKE ART.

Now featuring all the tools of a standard drawing program.


Click to draw lines!

Tools have descriptions that say what they do.

You can use CTRL+Z to undo.

CTRL+Y (or CTRL+SHIFT+Z if you're cool) redoes.

R to restart!

Mobile controls are also there! The GUI buttons are very helpful in that.

It should work on iPad and maybe phones, not too sure about that so let me know what's up in a message! 

If you make something cool, be sure to export the gif and share it!

I worked real hard to add a gif record option straight from the program~


If you're posting your creation on Newgrounds, tag it with shake-art !

If you decide to go to Twitter, use #shakeart, or tag me @studioNOKOI

I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

A huge thank you to @ayekerik for making the tool icons and to @heyopc for the awesome background music!

Big shoutouts as well to @jack and @Stepford for helping me learn GMS2.

Love you all!

Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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(93 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, artgame, ps1, shake


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yeah this is great lol

candy people

(1 edit)

a way to erase without erasing the whole line would be great

also pressing too many buttons crashes the whole thing



GIF saving DOESN'T work on the downloaded app



i love this silly program <33

Bro this is sick :]

please send help i wanna use the full canvas and colors its so fun but it doesn't work 。⁠:゚⁠(⁠;⁠´⁠∩⁠`⁠;⁠)゚⁠:⁠。

Lord of the flies

help i can't make it full size on phone im lost i dont have all the icons 



buge time in LA





(1 edit)

"periodic table"

 "periodic table"BIT(S)HES this is in portuguese because i'm brazilian bruh (sorry for the bad english)

i have no clue what this chibi is, lol
"dun dun dun dun dun dun dun"


had fun with this ><

i love this but is hard for me, help aa (yo what happened to the stars, don´t move :( )



aaa this is so cool!! made this little bear guy~

how i love this app

having used the original one, this version is way better lmao

I drew a silly bunny on here!! It's a epic swiggley line art program :D

I got extremely lazy, but wow wow wowo look he uhh (tw for blood + bloody eye)



(1 edit)




My pc is dying but here we go-

wow it's so good!!

(2 edits)

my browser is glitch after i click in the " record gif " :( i use chrome 


this is pochita in my style <33  

yaaaaa :DD

omg so cute!!



this was rlly fun, the more i drew the laggier it got though, BUT I LOVE THE SHAKING EFFECT. after drawing a goofy creature it kinda looked like it was crying hence why i drew this, but anyways, 10/10 game, i love it sm and it has everything i need to draw comfortably

:O a wild SUNNY!! nice art!

Its u Sunny?

i love how the shakiness makes drawings come to life! so cooll


Very fancy

this is so cute! do you have any socials for ur art?


THANK YOUUU this iz the coolest thing ever !!!!!!!!!!

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